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Civil Engineering College in Punjab

Career Prospects

Course provides a backbone to students who are keen to pursue their career in the construction, designing, infrastructural planning and research in India and abroad. It also opens ample avenues in government, public and private sector. Being one of the Best Civil Engineering Colleges in Punjab, ACET also ensures training of students in top notch Construction Companies in India and abroad and provides free of cost professional software to make our students industry ready. Lucrative career in start-ups in consultancy, quality control and designing of infrastructural projects is open to Civil Engineers along with pious opportunity to join defence services of the nation.


Each course has a running time of Four Academic Years divided into 8 Semesters.

Admission And Eligibility


Admission to the Third Semester of Bachelor of Technology Programmes (LEET):

ACET also has a provision of direct admission to the third semester for diploma holders. The discipline in which admission can be allowed will be notified by the I.k.G Punjab Technical University. The candidates who have passed their Three- Years Diploma in any branch of engineering are eligible for admission under this category

Course Content

The curriculum of B.Tech Civil Engineering is designed to facilitate understanding of engineering materials, planning through surveys & mapping, designing and construction of earthquake resistant infrastructural projects on all types of soils, ensuring safety of hydraulic structures and irrigation channels etc. Our social responsibility of managing water resources and waste management is also included. Industry oriented skills are inculcated through survey camp in hilly terrains, industrial training in reputed companies, software skills through professional software and personality development modules for better acceptability in the industry.

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