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Core Team ACET

Best Engineering College of Amritsar

The success of the institution to make it one of the best Engineering colleges of Punjab, the management and core team plays an important part. The Management Committee has been formed under the supervision of Advocate Sh. Amit Sharma-Chairman cum Chief Executive Officer. 

The set up of ACET is one-man effort of Mr. Amit Sharma. He has been truly working on the principle of combining modernity with tradition. His ever-stopping efforts and unconditional support to all the stakeholders of ACET makes it one of the best colleges in the northern region. 

Members of the Management

Sh. Amit Sharma Chairman cum Chief Executive Officer
Mrs. Ragini Sharma Director (Finance)
Sh. Chaman Lal Executive Member
Dr. Vaneet Sharma Executive Member
Dr. Om Prabha Executive Member
S. Manjit Singh Executive Member
Sh. Rajinder Sharma Executive Member
Mrs. Chander Rekha Sharma Executive Member
Dr. Shivani Sharma Executive Member
Sh. Shiv Dutt Sharma Executive Member
Sh. Jatinder Dua Executive Member



Sr. No. Name Designation Phone No. Email-Id
1. Dr. Vijay Kumar Banga Principal 0183-5069534
2. Er. Sandeep Kad Registrar 0183-5069532, 0183-5069538
3. Er. P. S. Sidhu Dean Academic Affairs 0183-5010425
4. Dr. Maninder Singh Gill

Head-DMS/Dean Student Affairs

5. Dr. Gaurav Tejpal Dean CCIE 0183-5069533
6. Ms Dipti Malhotra Dean UGC Courses 8872009951
7. Mr. Rakesh Jaitly Dean Training & Placement 0183-5069536
8. Dr.Ishwar Singh Dean Industry relationship & Consultancy 0183-5070684
9. Dr. Upain Bhatia Head-CE 0183-5010432
10. Ms. Binod Kaur Head-Applied Sciences 0183-5069528
11. Mr. Narinder Sharma Head-EE 0183-5217501
12. Er. Gurjit Singh Head-ECE 0183-5010423
13. Er. Amarpreet Singh Head-CSE/IT 0183-5014756
14. Er. Vinod Sharma Head-DCA 0183-5217502
15. Er. P.S Pannu Head- ME/ Chief Warden 9855861155
16. Mr.Raj Kumar Head- HMCT 8872072609
17. Mr. Gurbir Singh Mahal Head- Agriculture 9915018306, 9478349464
18. Mr. H.S. Sarkaria Head Library, Deputy Registrar 0183-5010424