Vision, Mission & Peos of Computer Application Department

Departmental Vision
  • To impart holistic and resilient technical education
  • To prepare the technocrats with futuristic vision who can compete globally
  • To inculcate entrepreneurship skills in our students enabling them to create employment opportunities for themselves as well as for others
  • To setup centre of excellence in upcoming technologies to keep our students as well as faculty, equipped with requisite skills as per the latest industry standards
  • To groom the students ethically as well as technically so that they remains a preferred choice of the prospective employer
Department Mission
  • To provide special attention to the students lacking in means
  • To boost the technical skills of students as well as faculty
  • To provide an environment which is congenial for technical education and learning
  • To lay greater stress on improving the professional and communication skills of the students
  • students shall be able to demonstrate the knowledge of fundamentals of basic sciences, mathematics & logical reasoning, communication skills and implementing IT concepts while designing technological applications and innovative ideas.
  • Students shall exhibit an ability to identify, formulate & select appropriate software & apply its use in solving complex problems.
  • Students shall demonstrate an ability to develop programs which are useful in solving real life problems by analyzing & interpreting data.
  • Students shall be able to identify the various hardware components & design the assembly.
  • Students shall possess the knowledge of design techniques, analysis, coding, testing, operation & maintenance of networks, databases, and information & data security and computer systems.
  • Students shall demonstrate the ability to understand & work on multidisciplinary tasks.
  • Students shall participate& pursue for the higher studies by passing the competitive exams.
  • Students shall develop the habit of self learning and self motivation for taking their career to great heights
  • Students shall demonstrate the ability of professionalism, ethical responsibilities and discipline as individuals as well as in a team.
  • Students shall be well versed with the existing cyber laws and IPR.
  • Students shall demonstrate the knowledge of current issues & cutting edge technologies to meet the demands of IT world.

            Computer Science Engineering