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Top Engineering College in Punjab

Making Global Education an Opportunistic Possibility!

ACET’s world-class environment and superior education system extends a warm welcome to international students who seek quality education in India. It has always been our priority to make the experience a globally acceptable one and enable the conflation of different cultures to promote intermixing of various schools of thoughts. ACET is an Edcil India Limited (Govt. of India enterprise) partner Institute and being host to students from various countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Burma, East Africa and other countries through EdCIL India. Students from various cultures have been an integral part of our institution. ACET reserves 15% of its total seats for PIOs. With benchmark accreditations, NBA & NAAC that stamp the quality intechnical education imparted by ACET, we are proud of our dynamism that lays great emphasis on growing by way of learning. Our ability to extend learning experience of global standards and in sync with the ever-challenging corporate world is sealed by our association with ORACLE, CISCO & SUN Microsystems that provide certified courses to our students. This empowers our students with sharpened technical skills and adds know-how apart from the University Curriculum. This along with added stress on practical training makes each student of ACET globally employable. We have established a benchmark identity with our Centres of Excellence that are highly advanced and promising; Robotics & Industrial Automation; Solar Energy & Auditing; Refrigeration & Air-conditioning; DATABASE with the collaboration of Big Data (2nd Lab in India); Cyber Hacking with the collaboration of Data 64; Android Technology with the collaboration of Magneto, Android & Cloud Computing with the collaboration of Idea Pot Technology); Facility for International Certification in OCA & OCP (Provided by Oracle Education Pvt. Ltd.); JCP (Provided by Sun Microsystems); CCNA & CCNP (Provided by Cisco).


  • One-to-One Counseling - - A confidential service extended professionally to students to discuss their personal and academic issues as well.
  • Health Assistance - Availability of medical service round the clock for the staff and students within the campus.
  • Student Association - Orchestration of cultural, social, sports and ethnic events by Student Association for well strengthened bonding and linking.
  • Student Visa & Financial Assistance - Support to International Students for Visa related issues apart from ATM facility within the campus.
  • International Student Department - Assured guidance from experienced and dedicated ISD for students day-to day affairs.
  • International Hostel Wing - Special hostel wings for International students with air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled rooms and mess service. Ragging is strictly prohibited on and off campus including hostel as per the guidelines of hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  • International Student Committee: ISC is dedicated to help students in time of needs and works for betterment of International Students exclusively.
  • Scholarship Tie-up - ACET has scholarship tie-ups with Universities from countries Singapore, Spain & Russia.

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