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high Tech Labs

In this age of innovative technology, no institution wants to lag behind in offering the best practical experiences to students. ACET is no exception to this as it offers a world class access to technologies through its well-equipped labs. There are myriad labs and workstations at ACET for practicing applied sciences and theories. The list is as under:

List of Labs at ACET:

Sr No Name Of the Department LABS Details
1 Applied Sciences Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Communication Skills Lab
2 Civil Engineering Surveying, Strength of Materials, Structural Engineering, Concrete Technology, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Computer Aided Design (CAD)/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).
3 Computer Science & Engineering Programming Lab, Operating System Lab, Computer Networks Lab, Research & Development Lab, Software Engineering Lab, Hardware Lab, Oracle Lab
4 Electronics & Communication Engineering Analog Communication System Lab, Analog Electronics Lab, Very Large Scale Integration Lab, Microwave and Radar Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, National Instruments Laboratory, R & D Lab
5 Electrical Engineering Basic Electrical & Electronics Lab, Machine Lab – I, Machine Lab-II, CAPSA Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Power Systems Lab.
6 Information Technology OS Lab, Programming Lab-I, Database Lab, Programming Lab-II, Project Lab
7 Mechanical Engineering List of Shops in Central Workshop Carpentry/Pattern Making Shop, Foundry Shop, Machine Shop, Smithy/Forging Shop, Welding Shop, Fitting Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Electrical & Electronics Shop

List of Laboratories

Manufacturing Processes, Strength of Materials, Automobile Engineering, Applied Thermodynamics, Industrial Automation & Robotics, Engineering Materials & Metallurgy, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Heat Transfer, Theory of Machine, Mechanical Vibrations, Mechanical Measurement & Metrology, CAD/CAM & Numerical Methods, Computer Graphics, Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machinery, Major Project, Engineering Drawing