Mass And Journalism


Career Prospects

The department of Journalism and mass communication aspires to be a nationally and internationally acclaimed leader in professional and higher education in all spheres, which transforms the life of students through integration of teaching, research and character building.A Department that can effectively harness its multidisciplinary strengths to create an academically stimulating atmosphere; evolving into a well-integrated system that synergizes the efforts of its competent faculty towards imparting intellectual confidence that aids comprehension and complements the spirit of enquiry. To orient the students to the university ethos that aspires to put budding journalists to the service of society
BA in Journalism and mass communication program will be:

  • Utilizing strong professional aptitude and domain knowledge to develop smart media communication for the upliftment of society.
  • Applying research and entrepreneurial skills augmented with a rich set of Communication, teamwork and leadership skills to excel in their profession.
  • Showing continuous improvement in their professional career through life- long learning, appreciating human values and ethics.


The Bachelor programme is designed for students desirous of taking up careers in mass media. A thorough grounding will be provided in communication and journalism theories and mass media industry. The syllabus is designed in such a way that the latest developments in the ever-changing media sector can be easily incorporated in classroom teaching. The objectives of the course are:

  • This course teaches journalistic and research skills through practical work, assignments, project reports, Seminars, and workshops and to acquaint student with advanced journalism and media practices.
  • To develop multi-tasking skills required in the dynamic multi-media and convergent environment.
  • To fully acquaint students with the need to maintain an even balance between practical, theoretical and conceptual aspects of media professions and lend them a critical understanding of the communication package as a whole.
  • To offer appropriate grounding in the issues, ideas and challenges of 21st century. Thereby, Broadening the world view of the future media practitioners.


  • The students learn competencies and skills required by the media world.
  • They will be well-integrated in the industry, being industry-ready at the outset.
  • It increases the communication skills of the students
  • It brings enthusiasm and confidence among students
  • The students would have acquired great confidence by the end of the course, having had hands-on experience with media software, intensive training in media writing, and media exposure in journalistic writing, through informal internship.


  • Advertising agency
  • Public relation officer
  • Sound mixer and sound recorder
  • Special correspondent
  • Producer
  • Screen writer
  • News reporter
  • Editor
  • Event manager
  • Press information bureau
  • TV channels

            Management Study