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Loud Shout Brings to you Selfie with the Star

Loud Shout Brings to you Selfie with the Star

Bollywood Movie promotion at ACET

Loud Shout is pleased to bring Amritsar Institute of Engineering & Technology Selfie with the Star Contest!

About Loud Shout:

Loud Shout is a mobile-only application available on Android & iOS. The application lets you broadcast everything that is on your mind anonymously all in 180 characters.

Loud Shout has 2 main features i.e.

1. Basecamp: Basecamp refers to your college and once selected cannot be changed. On this tab, you can post anything that you wish to post about your college.
2. Local: Local refers to surrounding area of 5 KM radius around you, where whatever you post will be visible to people falling in that radius.

Use case:
People on the Basecamp can use the platform to come together for a cause. e.g. Cleanliness Drive / Helping someone in need / Reaching out to seniors without the fear of being rejected / Alumni sharing best practices with the people in their college, etc.

About the Contest:

Loud Shout along with UTV Movies brings once in a lifetime opportunity for college students to meet, greet and get a click with Movie Stars.Loud Shout has successfully run this contest in 6 colleges of Delhi so far (Pictures Attached) wherein students got the chance to meet Cast of Katti Batti, Kangana Ranaut & Imran Khan and Hero (2015), Athiya Shetty & Sooraj Pancholi.

Details of the Contest:

Meet, Greet and Get a click with the Star Cast of Singh is Bling!

Start Date:- 11th September 2015
End Date:- 27th September 2015
Results: 28th September 2015
Meet, Greet and get a Click with the Star Cast:- 29th September 2015

Download Loud Shout Application:

1. Register with your mobile number
2. Select your Basecamp as ACET (Amritsar)
3. Create posts on your Basecamp
4. Get maximum upvotes on your post (Min. 50 upvote)
5. Get a chance to meet, greet and get a click with the Star Cast of Singh is Bling
Loud Shout will sponsor the travel expense of the winner from ACET.
PS: There are no terms & conditions except for the ones mentioned above.