Vision, Mission & Peos of CSE Department ACET Amritsar, Punjab, India

Vision Mission and Peos of CSE Department

Departmental Vision
  • To impart holistic and resilient technical education and to prepare the technocrats with futuristic vision who can compete globally
  • To inculcate entrepreneurship skills in our students enabling them to create employment opportunities for themselves as well as for others
  • To develop highly dynamic professionals having regard for ethics and human values so as to serve the society
  • To setup centre of excellence in upcoming technologies to keep our students as well as faculty, equipped with requisite skills as per the latest industry standards
  • To groom the students ethically as well as technically so that he/she always remains the preferred choice of the prospective employer
Department Mission
  • To provide an environment to the students congenial for technical education and learning
  • To boost the technical skills of students as well as faculty
  • To promote R & D and consultancy activities
  • To build the tradition of innovation and problem solving in the field of Computer Science & Engineering in collaboration with the industry
  • To lay greater stress on improving the managerial, professional and communication skills of the students
  • To provide special attention to the students lacking in means
  • PEO I. To groom the students for a bright and successful multidisciplinary career either in industry or academia both locally and globally with the aim that he/she becomes the preferred choice of the prospective employer
  • PEO II. To provide the students with the ability and skills to analyze the problems in R & D and consultancy using the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals so as to establish themselves as practicing professionals
  • PEO III. To develop the ability among students to identify, conceptualize, design & develop, install and implement the appropriate solutions for real life problems in a rational manner
  • PEO IV. To inculcate administrative & communication skills, human and ethical values among the students to develop team spirit for congenial work culture
  • PEO V. To generate among the students, a passion to pursue lifelong learning and up gradation to sustain their career with leadership qualities and a proactive approach

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